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The equation of polarization transfer in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma

I. Formalism

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In an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma, the polarization characteristics of electromagnetic waves can vary in the course of propagation due to emission from the medium, Faraday rotation, differential absorption of characteristic modes, mode coupling and inhomogeneity of the medium. We formulate in the first paper of this series the polarization transfer equation in tensorial form including terms describing the five stated phenomena. Explicity expressions for the relevant coefficients describing the different physical processes are given and some properties of the transfer equation are discussed.

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Cheng, F.T., Fung, P.C.W. The equation of polarization transfer in an inhomogeneous magnetized plasma. Astrophys Space Sci 49, 427–442 (1977).

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  • Physical Process
  • Electromagnetic Wave
  • Transfer Equation
  • Mode Coupling
  • Characteristic Mode