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Mean surface brightness as a criterion for or against the expansion of the Universe

  • Jaroslav Souček


Using the well-known relation for the mean surface brightness, the author gives the concept of the decision regarding the expansion of the Universe. The most serious obstacle on this way was the low precision of parameter measurements which one could achieve in the past. This paper brings the first step for eventual judgement if the Universe expand or not because the accuracy of measurements has advanced. In this sence, we need some more determinations with present accuracy to give the decisive result because the mean surface brightness must faint by 1.46 mag per square arc sec for red shift of 0.4, and this is sufficient to measure and statistically elaborate it.


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  • Jaroslav Souček
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  1. 1.Astronomical SocietyCzechoslovak Academy of SciencesPragueCzechoslovakia

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