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The cooling of liquefying hot white dwarfs


The consequences of gas-liquid phase transitions in the core of hot white dwarf stars are discussed. Expressions for the latent heat and the liquefaction curveT l =T l (Q) are obtained. Then amodel for a hot white dwarf is introduced and the corresponding liquefaction sequences are built on the H-R diagram; relations luminosity-central temperature and effective temperature-central temperature are also given for liquefying white dwarfs.

Finally the cooling curves are obtained for such stars taking into account the effect of latent heat emission.

Our results seem to suggest a possible identification of the central stars of planetary nebulae as hot liquefying white dwarfs.

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de Angelis, U., De Cesare, L., Forlani, A. et al. The cooling of liquefying hot white dwarfs. Astrophys Space Sci 27, 117–135 (1974).

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  • Phase Transition
  • Latent Heat
  • Liquefaction
  • Cooling Curve
  • White Dwarf