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A comparison catalogue ofHii-regions

  • Pavla Maršálková


For complete information about the apparent distribution ofHii-regions along the whole galactic equator a Catalogue of 698 known emission nebulae is given on the basis of 13 lists and catalogues of these objects. The main catalogue used for the northern sky was that of Sharpless (1959) including 313 objects while the coverage of the southern sky can be characterized by a greater number of smaller catalogues represented in the first place by that of Rodgerset al. (1960) and that of Gum (1955). ForHii-regions, only optical data were taken into account.

Where several authors describe the complex of nebulosities a more detailed specification of objects is preferred. The objects in the Catalogue are listed according to their right ascensions for 1950. As only three catalogues applied here give also the objects out of the belt ±15° around the galactic equator, the Catalogue is divided into two parts. The first (main) part contains 667 objects lying within this belt, the second contains 31 objects lying outside it. A Summary Table listing the objects from the two parts according to their galactic longitudes involving, in addition, the 50-yrs precession for every object is also added.

An attempt was made not to repeat contingent errors present in the source-catalogues. The maps of the POSS were often used. Coincidences with SNR and planetaries were sought for independently of identifications given in the source-catalogues. The list of objects from the source-catalogues ofHii-regions excluded as SNR, planetaries and galaxies is also given.


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  • Pavla Maršálková
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  1. 1.Štefánik ObservatoryPragueCzechoslovakia
  2. 2.Dept. of Astronomy and AstrophysicsCharles UniversityPragueCzechoslovakia

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