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Quantitative X-ray microanalysis of spleen lysosomes after acid phosphatase reaction

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A quantitative X-ray microanalytical study of 80 spleen lysosomes after histochemical reaction for acid phosphatase was carried out. Lysosomal Fe concentrations showed a skewed distribution, with most lysosomes having relatively low concentrations. The concentration of Pb in the lysosomes (indicative of acid phosphatase activity) showed a close to normal distribution. Although the plot of lysosomal Pb concentrations against Fe concentrations showed a marked scattering of the points, there is a statistically highly significant correlation between accumulated metal and acid phosphatase activity as determined from the Pb concentrations. The relation between concentrations of P and those of Pb in the lysosomes points to the possibility that Pb(H2PO4)2 is the main reaction product of the histochemical acid phosphatase reaction.

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