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Unsteady MHD flow of a viscoelastic fluid past an infinite porous plate with oscillating temperature


The unsteady flow of an electrically conducting fluid past an infinite plate with constant suction is investigated in the presence of an external magnetic field and buoyancy forces. The temperature of the plate is assumed to oscillate in time about a constant mean and the flow is considered to be free of convection. For the method of solution, we have employed a small parameter approach when this small parameter is a non-dimensional quantity which is related to the viscoelastic constant of the fluid. Analytical expressions are obtained for the temperature distribution and the velocity profile of the fluid. These analytical results clearly show that the velocity profile is strongly damped when the magnetic field is more intense. This means that the applied magnetic field causes the fluid to move slower as compared with the non-magnetic case.

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Elghabaty, S.S. Unsteady MHD flow of a viscoelastic fluid past an infinite porous plate with oscillating temperature. Astrophys Space Sci 141, 193–198 (1988).

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  • Magnetic Field
  • Velocity Profile
  • External Magnetic Field
  • Small Parameter
  • Applied Magnetic Field