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Spectral-luminosity classification, colour variations and suspected beta canis Majoris-type variability in IZ Persei

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The colour indices and the spectrum-luminosity classification of the eclipsing binary system IZ Persei have been presented for the first time. The colour indices of the system appear reddened. Applying the interstellar reddening corrections, the spectral-luminosity classes of the primary and the secondary components of IZ Per come out to be B2.5III-V and B5III-V, respectively. The averageB-V andU-B colour excesses come out to be 0m.4 and 0m.2, respectively. The colour indices show continuous variation throughout the cycle, and indicate the presence of intrinsic variability. Tentative analysis suggests that the primary component of IZ Per is a Beta Canis Majoris-type variable. The possibility of a shell has also been discussed.

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Srivastava, R.K. Spectral-luminosity classification, colour variations and suspected beta canis Majoris-type variability in IZ Persei. Astrophys Space Sci 132, 125–139 (1987).

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