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The effect on plasma prolactin, growth hormone and luteinising hormone concentrations of single oral doses of propranolol and tolamolol in normal man

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In a placebo controlled double-blind study in six healthy male volunteers the effects of single oral doses of 100 mg and 200 mg of tolamolol on plasma concentrations of prolactin, growth hormone and luteinising hormone were investigated. In a second placebo controlled single-blind study in a further six healthy male volunteers the effects of single oral doses of 200 mg tolamolol and 160 mg propranolol on the same plasma hormone concentrations were compared. A dose dependent increase in plasma prolactin concentration was demonstrated after tolamolol. The increase in plasma prolactin concentration was not evident after propranolol. Plasma growth hormone and luteinising hormone concentrations were not significantly changed by either propranolol or tolamolol.

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