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The structure of motion in a 4-component galaxy mass model


We use a composite galaxy model consisting of a disk-halo, bulge, nucleus and dark-halo components in order to investigate the motion of stars in ther-z plane. It is observed that high angular momentum stars move in regular orbits. The majority of orbits are box orbits. There are also banana-like orbits. For a given value of energy, only a fraction of the low angular momentum stars — those going near the nucleus — show chaotic motion while the rest move in regular orbits. Again one observes the above two kinds of orbits. In addition to the above one can also see orbits with the characteristics of the 2/3 and 3/4 resonance. It is also shown that, in the absence of the bulge component, the area of chaotic motion in the surface of section increases, significantly. This suggests that a larger number of low angular momentum stars are in chaotic orbits in galaxies with massive nuclei and no bulge components.

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  • Angular Momentum
  • Chaotic Motion
  • Mass Model
  • Chaotic Orbit
  • Regular Orbit