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Structure of polytropic models of stars containing poloidal magnetic fields

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Polytropic models of axially-symmetric equilibrium stars of infinite conductivity with poloidal magnetic fields are constructed by numerical integration of the exact equations governing internal structure. The mathematical method used, a further generalization and improvement of Stoeckly's method, allows the construction of a sequence of equilibrium models starting with a spherically symmetric star (when no magnetic field is present) and terminating with a doughnut-shaped object (for a very strong magnetic field) — a fact already shown by Monaghan. Detailed results are given only for two polytropes with the indexn=1.5 and 3.0, although any other value ofn greater than or equal to one could have been selected. Contrary to Monaghan's results, it is found that along the sequence of configurations forn=3.0 the ratio of the magnetic and gravitational energy peaks out before a doughnut-shaped configuration is reached; but this effect does not characterize then=1.5 sequence. The calculations confirm, however, another result of Monaghan asserting that the magnetic field is a fairly insensitive function of the polytropic index.

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  • Magnetic Field
  • Internal Structure
  • Mathematical Method
  • Equilibrium Model
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