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Converging magnetogasdynamic cylindrical shock waves in a uniform atmosphere


A self-similar solution to the problem of the implosion of a cylindrical shock wave in the presence of a magnetic field has been investigated. A strong shock wave in a cylindrically-symmetric flow travels to the axis of symmetry through a gas of uniform initial density ρ0 and zero-pressure. A comparative study has been made between the results obtained in ordinary gasdynamics and magnetogasdynamics with transverse and axial components of the magnetic field. The value of similarity exponent α has been assigned from that found in the paper of Whitham (1958).

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Singh, J.B., Mishra, S.K. Converging magnetogasdynamic cylindrical shock waves in a uniform atmosphere. Astrophys Space Sci 127, 361–369 (1986).

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  • Atmosphere
  • Magnetic Field
  • Shock Wave
  • Initial Density
  • Axial Component