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An efficient method to calculate Ambarzumian-Chandrasekhar's and hopf's functions

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An efficient method is proposed to calculate scalar Ambarzumian-Chandrasekhar's and Hopf's functions. This method is based on the approximation of Sobolev's resolvent function using exponent series, the coefficients of which are readily found from approximate characteristic equation and from a system of linear algebraic equations.

The approximate expressions for the above functions are given. For checking purposes the calculations were carried out in single, double, and quadruple precision. For isotropic, Rocard, and Rayleigh scattering we present a sample of results in 14 significant figures.

The Hopf function for isotropic and Rayleigh scattering is presented in 18 significant figures and the well-known Hopf constantq(∞) is found in 59 significant figures.

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