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Characteristic actionsħ (s) in the structure of the universe and the problem of the origin of galaxies

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From the characteristic actionsħ (s), we can derive various relations between the basic characteristic quantities of objects and the fundamental constants in known physical laws. The main physical processes which lead to the formation of objects should be included in some such reletions through the fundamental constants. The problem of the origin of galaxies has been considered on the basis of the theory of actionsħ (s). It has been shown that in addition to gravitational effect, the dissipation process of the adiabatic density perturbations arising from the Thomson scattering in the early universe is a crucial process in forming galaxies; and if the Hubble constant has a valueH 0 ∼ 50 km s−1 Mpc−1, the protogalaxies might be formed just before recombination.

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  • Recombination
  • Physical Process
  • Early Universe
  • Density Perturbation
  • Dissipation Process