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The pharmacokinetics of timegadine and two of its metabolites after multiple oral dosing, and the effects of concomitant administration of ibuprofen


A 250 mg tablet of timegadine was given twice daily for 15 days to 13 healthy volunteers. On Day 16 a single morning dose of timegadine was supplemented by two 200 mg tablets of a proprietary brand of ibuprofen.

Serum concentrations of timegadine were measured by high pressure liquid chromatography, and steady state was achieved between Days 5 and 8. Serum concentrations of two metabolites of time-gadine, MI and MII were measured by thin layer chromatography by Leo Pharmaceutical Products, Denmark.

Ibuprofen did not significantly affect the serum half-time of timegadine, but did reduce the maximum measured serum timegadine concentration, the area under the serum concentration versus time curve and the time to achieve maximum measured serum concentration.

Serum liver enzymes remained within the normal ranges and there were no changes in hepatic microsomal enzyme activity as assessed by urinary excretion ofD-glucaric acid.

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