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Problem of the quantitative petrological classification in the rock series arkose — Graywacke — Quartz sandstone — Clay shale

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The analytical data published byHuckenholz (1963a, 1963b) on the textural and material composition of the arkoses from the classical region in Auvergne and the graywackes from the classical region in Harz are systematically divided according to the modern classification rules for sedimentary rocks. The experimental points fall into the corresponding fields of two proposed triangular diagrams. The classification in the rock series arkose — graywacke — quartz sandstone — clay shale is descriptive and analytical, however, it simultaneously enables genetic interpretation. Proposal of the classification procedure is described in detail. The same classification diagrams with modified nomenclature can be used for nonconsolidated sediments in the series arkose sand — graywacke sand — quartz sand — clay.

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Konta, J. Problem of the quantitative petrological classification in the rock series arkose — Graywacke — Quartz sandstone — Clay shale. Contr. Mineral. and Petrol. 19, 125–132 (1968).

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