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Effect of earthworm casts on protein synthesis in radish (Raphanus sativum) and lettuce (Lactuga sativa) seedlings


The protein-synthesizing capacity of 3-day-old seedlings of radish and lettuce grown in the presence of earthworm casts was investigated using L-14-C-leucine incorporation. The results showed that earthworm casts increased protein synthesis by 24% for lettuce and 32% for radish, althought no significant differences in protein content were evident.

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Tomati, U., Galli, E., Grappelli, A. et al. Effect of earthworm casts on protein synthesis in radish (Raphanus sativum) and lettuce (Lactuga sativa) seedlings. Biol Fertil Soils 9, 288–289 (1990).

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Key words

  • Earthworm casts
  • Eisenia fetida
  • Protein synthesis
  • L-14-C-leucine
  • Radish
  • Lettuce