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Study of a coagulation bath as a dispersed system

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1. The authors have experimentally confirmed the presence of colloidal particles in the coagulation bath.

2. The approximate fractional composition of the solid phase of the coagulation bath of plant for manufacture of viscose centrifuged thread has been calculated. It is shown that 80% of the solid phase consists of particles smaller than 10 µ the content of colloidal particles reaches 50%.

3. A change in temperature in the range 20–50°C has virtually no effect on the dispersed composition of the coagulation bath.

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Kiev Combine; KTILP. Translated from Khimicheskie Volokna, No. 5, pp. 26–28, September–October, 1969.

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Fridman, S.D., Yudin, A.V. & Mikhlin, I.A. Study of a coagulation bath as a dispersed system. Fibre Chem 1, 506–509 (1971). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00633245

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