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Geschlechtsbestimmung am Zellkern zur Klärung der Pathogenese der Teratome und Hodengeschwülste

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The method of the determination of cell sex by nuclear chromatin studies was used to investigate the nature of 17 teratomas and 10 testicula tumors. The teratomas from women were found to be always of the female sex. A half of those from men were masculine tumors, and the other half were of the female sex. This relationship did not hold for those seminomas which we studied. From our results it seems unlikely that the seminoma is of a teratomatous nature. Teratomas and teratoid tumors of the testis are similar to teratomas of other parts of the body as regards their sex type.

We found in a testicular tumor with both seminoma-like and immature carcinomatour regions cell nuclei of the female type. On the basis of this observation we believe that in embryonal teratomas, besides the carcinomatous and chorionepitheliomatous cells, seminoma-like cells can also arise.

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