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Change in properties of polycaproamide during a heat-treatment process

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-- The change in basic molecular and certain specific characteristics of PCA during the process of heat-treating it in the presence of air has been studied.

-- It has been shown that the degree of thermo-oxidative degradation of PCA may be judged from the change in molecular weight characteristics in combination with the results of change in the Huggins constant, the relative chemical nonuniformity, the content of carbonyl compounds, and the integral UV-absorption.

-- The inhibiting action of a Bulgarian copper thermostabilizer and of N-1 thermostabilizer on the thermo-oxidative degradation of PCA has been evaluated.

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Translated from Khimicheskie Volokna, No. 6, pp. 42–44, November–December, 1990.

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Angelova, N.I., Pishev, D.I., Zhivkova, E.G. et al. Change in properties of polycaproamide during a heat-treatment process. Fibre Chem 22, 412–415 (1990). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00632896

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