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Fractionation and composition of the carbohydrates of leaf vegetables

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The qualitative and quantitative compositions of the carbohydrates of the leaf vegetables Lactuca sativa L., Spinacea oleracea L., and Rumex acetosa L. have been studied.

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M. V. Lomonosov Odessa Technological Institute of the Food Industry. Translated from Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii, No. 3, pp. 349–351, May–June, 1993.

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Pilipenko, L.N., Pestrueva, L.I. & Todorova, A.A. Fractionation and composition of the carbohydrates of leaf vegetables. Chem Nat Compd 29, 288–290 (1993).

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  • Pectin
  • Galacturonic Acid
  • Monosaccharide Composition
  • Ammonium Oxalate
  • Monomeric Composition