Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 29, Issue 5, pp 606–607 | Cite as

Iridoids ofAjuga turkestanica and their quantitative determination

  • L. D. Kotenko
  • M. R. Yakubova
  • A. U. Mamatkhanov
  • Z. Saatov
  • M. T. Turakhozhaev


Substances of iridoid nature identified as harpagide and 8-O-acetylharpigide have been isolated from the herbAjuga turkestanica. A procedure for the quantitative chromatographic determination of iridoids in the raw material has been developed.


Quantitative Determination Vanillin Boiling Water Bath Epigeal Part Butanolic Extract 


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  • L. D. Kotenko
  • M. R. Yakubova
  • A. U. Mamatkhanov
  • Z. Saatov
  • M. T. Turakhozhaev

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