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A distribution function calculation of the H α profiles of SNR filaments

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In shocked media of high preshock ionisation, the lack of thermal contact between atoms in the neutral component of the gas can prevent the formation of a thermal equilibrium independent of the ionic component. The behaviour of the neutral gas in such a shock is dominated by the atomic processes driven by the postshock ionic component.

A transport equation for the velocity distribution of the neutral gas is explicitly solved under the physical conditions of a 1D ionic shock transition. The resulting distributions are used to calculate predicted H α line emission from such a system.

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Lim, A.J. A distribution function calculation of the H α profiles of SNR filaments. Astrophys Space Sci 233, 273–280 (1995). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00627359

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  • Supernova Remnants
  • Shock Waves