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Photopolarimetry of Seyfert galaxy MK 509

Detection of Blazar-like Activity

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We present the first truly simultaneousUBVRI photopolarimetric observations of the Seyfert galaxy Markarian 509. The photometric light curves show small amplitude variations in timescales of days. These variations are largest in theU-band and smallest in theI-band, indicating that the variations are due to a decline in the synchrotron emission from the galactic nucleus. We measured a constant one per cent polarization. A small frequency dependence was observed in the polarization during some of the nights. No frequency depencdence was seen in the position angle. These observations indicate that Markarian 509 is similar to 3C 273, i.e., a blazar.

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  • Frequency Dependence
  • Small Amplitude
  • Light Curve
  • Position Angle
  • Amplitude Variation