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Antegrade balloon dilation of postoperative ureterovesical junction obstruction in children

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Obstruction of the ureterovesical junction is an uncommon but well-recognized complication of ureteral reimplantation that traditionally has been treated by surgical correction [1, 5–9]. We report our experience with antegrade balloon dilation (ABD) of these strictures in two children. Obstruction was confirmed by diuretic renogram and pressure perfusion studies prior to ABD. Clinical follow-up was done at 3 months and 14 months, and ultrasonographic studies revealed resolution of the hydronephrosis. In addition, diuretic renograms showed complete washout of radiotracer. Morbidity was limited to episodes of pyelonephritis that readily responded to medical management. ABD of ureteral strictures is a relatively simple procedure with a potential for a high success rate and low morbidity. This modality should be considered as the first line of treatment in patients with distal ureteral obstruction after reimplantation.

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