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Electrode heat balances of electrochemical cells: application to NaCl electrolysis

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This paper deals with a method of estimating single electrode heat balances during the electrolysis of molten NaCl-ZnCl2 in a cell using aβ-alumina diaphragm. By measuring the thermoelectric power of the thermogalvanic cells: (T) Na/β-alumina/NaCl-ZnCl2/β-alumina/Na(T+dT) and (T) C,Cl2/NaCl-ZnCl2/Cl2,C(T+dT) the single electrode Peltier heat for sodium deposition and for chlorine evolution at 370° C were estimated to be −0.026±0.001 JC−1 and+0.614±0.096 J C−1, respectively.

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  • Sodium
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Chlorine
  • Electrochemical Cell
  • Heat Balance