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Preparation and reproducibility of a thermal silver-silver chloride electrode

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A new ‘dry way’ method for the preparation of thermal-type Ag-AgCl electrodes for prolonged accuracy studies is presented. Freshly prepared electrodes were compared with equilibrated Ag-AgCl electrodes selected as reference standards. Bias potential tests allowed a restricted interval for the different factors intervening in the process of preparation to be established with a view to obtaining reference electrodes stable in time. This study has been completed with the superficial observation of the electrodes by microphotographic techniques, and a correlation between the electrochemical behaviour and superficial characteristics is verified.

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Arévalo, A., Souto, R.M. & Arévalo, M.C. Preparation and reproducibility of a thermal silver-silver chloride electrode. J Appl Electrochem 15, 727–735 (1985).

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  • Chloride
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