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Cyclo(L-histidyl-L-histidyl)copper(II) complexes in aqueous solution

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The structure of the copper(II) complex cation with HISH2 [HISH2 = cyclo(L-histidyl-L-histidyl)] was determined from molecular weight data and n.m.r. and c.d. spectra in aqueous solution. Two HISH2 moieties ligate to coppervia two nitrogen atoms of the imidazole rings giving rise to two 13-membered chelate rings in solution, a situation seen previously in the crystal.

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Kojima, Y. Cyclo(L-histidyl-L-histidyl)copper(II) complexes in aqueous solution. Transition Met Chem 4, 269–270 (1979). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00619186

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  • Nitrogen
  • Copper
  • Molecular Weight
  • Physical Chemistry
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