Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 473–487

Water desalting by means of electrochemical parametric pumping

I. The equilibrium properties of a batch unit cell
  • Y. Oren
  • A. Soffer


It was shown previously that adsorption of ions at the electrical double layer of a high specific surface area carbon electrode can serve for water desalination. This is effected by assembling two such electrodes in a cell, cycling electronic charge between them and applying periodic synchronous pumping of the liquid through the cell. This process has been termed Electrochemical Parametric Pumping (ECPP). In the present article, modified charge coordinates, desalting efficiencies, isopotentiograms (analogous to adsorption isotherms) and optimization considerations of the two adsorptive electrode batch unit of the ECPP were derived and analysed on the basis of the propterties of each single electrode separately.



ionic activities at the inlet and outlet solutions.


specific double layer capacities of electrodes 1 and 2 (μF g−1)


specific cell capacitance (μF g−1)


solution concentration (mol cm−3)


potential of electrodes 1 and 2 versus a reference electrode


potential difference between the two electrodes (V)


potential attained by the electrodes after short-circuiting


Faraday constant


weights of electrodes 1 and 2 (g)


denotes electrode 1 or 2 in a two electrode system


dielectric constant of the solution at the double layer region


change in salt content in the solution in one electrode system (moles)

Δn+, Δn

total amount of adsorbed cations and anions in one electrode system (moles)


total amount of salt adsorbed on the electrodes (moles)


amount of salt adsorbed per unit weight of electrode material (moles g−1)


amount of anions and cations adsorbed on unit weight of electrodei (wherei=1, 2) (mol g−1)


the change in total electrode charge in one electrode system (C)


total charge per unit weight of electrodei (C g−1)


cationic and anionic charges per unit weight of electrodei (C g−1)


independent charge coordinates (C g−1)


gas constant


absolute temperature


electrical work of charging the double layer (eV)


free space permittivity


relative weights or elelctrode 1 and 2 respectively


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Y. Oren
    • 1
  • A. Soffer
    • 1
  1. 1.Nuclear Research CenterNegev, Beer ShevaIsrael

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