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Borate buffer equilibria in nickel refining electrolytes


Buffer capacity studies, carried out using pH titrations, demonstrated that electrolytes containing NiSO4 + H3BO3 + Na2SO4 buffer more effectively than in the presence of H3BO3 + Na2SO4. The increased buffer capacity is dependent on the concentration of both Ni2+ and H3BO3. Thermodynamic analysis of the pH titration data suggested the formation of a weak complex, Ni(H2BO3)2, (logK ∼ 3.8 to 4.9) between Ni2+ and H3BO3 in mixed chloride-sulphate electrolytes at 55° C.

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Tilak, B.V., Gendron, A.S. & Mosoiu, M.A. Borate buffer equilibria in nickel refining electrolytes. J Appl Electrochem 7, 495–500 (1977).

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Nickel
  • Titration
  • Borate
  • Na2SO4