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Reduction of optical absorption at a wavelength of around 0.8 μm in LPE garnet (TmBiCa)3(FeGaPt)5O12


Liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE) garnet films (TmBiCa)3(FeGaPt)5O12 have been grown using only Bi2O3 as the flux so that the film containing Bi gives high specific Faraday rotation. The film does not contain Pb, which may affect optical absorption. The optical absorption coefficientα at 810 nm has been effectively reduced by doping Ca in the melt. Our data show that a minimum level ofα and of the anisotropy constantK u and also the maximum of the electrical resistivityϱ are achieved when Ca2+ replaces Fe2+. Fe2+ results from Pt4+ incorporation in the film due to a Bi2O3 flux attack on a Pt crucible. Using a compensated film,α of 58 cm−1 and a figure of merit of 9deg/dB were obtained.

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Kaneko, M., Okamoto, T., Tamada, H. et al. Reduction of optical absorption at a wavelength of around 0.8 μm in LPE garnet (TmBiCa)3(FeGaPt)5O12 . Appl. Phys. A 38, 281–284 (1985).

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