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Corrosion in alkali hydroxide solutions of electrolytic zinc powder containing codeposited lead


The corrosion rate of electrolytic Zn sponge in alkaline solutions is controlled by codeposited Pb in concentrations from 0.2–0.5%. It appears that codeposited lead in this respect is as good as mercury but has the advantages of being cheaper and less toxic. The Zn sponge containing codeposited Pb offers the additional advantage of having a highly developed surface area so that the porous electrodes pressed with such a sponge can be discharged at higher rates.

The effect of KOH concentration on the corrosion rate of Zn sponge with and without Pb is explained in terms of the different mechanisms of the hydrogen evolution reaction on the Fe inclusions on the one hand, and on pure Zn on the other. An empirical equation for the approximate estimation of the corrosion rate of Zn sponge in 10 N KOH at 50° C as a function of Pb and Fe content in the sponge is presented.

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  • Zinc
  • Mercury
  • Sponge
  • Corrosion Rate
  • Alkaline Solution