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Spectral composition of the pulse generation of the N2 molecule in the3Πg(B)→3Σ11 +(A)transition


New lines in the infrared generation spectrum of molecular nitrogen are reported. The generation lines are attributed to the vibrational-rotational transitions of the first positive system of nitrogen. The distinctive features of the generation spectrum are interpreted within the framework of the direct electronic collision hypothesis. Excitation of the rotational structure is considered on the basis of a simplified model which affords qualitative agreement with the experimental data.

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The author is grateful to Profs. V. I. Malyshev, I. I. Sobel'man, and G. G. Petrash for their useful comments. He is also deeply indebted to the late Prof. P. A. Bazhulin for his assistance and support in the phase of the study involving pulse-generating gas lasers.

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Knyazev, I.N. Spectral composition of the pulse generation of the N2 molecule in the3Πg(B)→3Σ11 +(A)transition. J Appl Spectrosc 5, 134–141 (1966).

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  • Nitrogen
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