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Structure of supersonic jets of argon plasma

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is the Mach number


is the pressure

p0 :

is the total pressure head


is the temperature


is the nozzle radius


is the distance along the jet axis


is the distance transverse to the axis


is the Knudsen number


is the ratio of the area at the end of the nozzle to the area of the critical section

ξ0 :

is the semivertex angle of the nozzle

γ :

is the ratio of the specific heats


is the nozzle diameter


is the linear dimension


is the ratio of pressure at the end of the nozzle to pressure in the vacuum chamber

α e :

is the degree of ionization

ne :

is the electron concentration

D0 :

is the diameter of the Mach disc

ω :

is the angle of incidence of the wave


denotes the parameters in adiabatically retarded flow


is the gas-dynamic parameters


denotes the parameters in the critical section of the nozzle

a :

denotes the parameters at the end

l :

denotes the limiting values


denotes the parameters of the electron state

1 and 2:

are the parameters before and after the density step

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Read at the Second All-Union Conference on Low-Temperature Plasma Physics, Minsk, November 18–22, 1968.

Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Spektroskopii, Vol. 12, No. 5, pp. 788–793, May, 1970.

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