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Evaluation of interlayer shear strength

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    A method of determining the interlayer shear strength of fibrous CM by the bending of a thick specimen with a grooved section, which makes it possible to realize interlayer failure over a broad range ofl b/H for a broad class of polymer composites — carbon-fiber-rein-forced plastic, fiberglass, boron-fiber-reinforced plastic, and organoplastic — is proposed.

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    It is demonstrated that testing of CM specimens with smalll b/H values introduces a certain error due to the appreciable influence exerted by contact pressure on the specimen; it is expedient to test specimens, observing the ratiol b/H=8–12.

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    The shape and geometric dimensions of the specimen, which make it possible to obtain comparable results for different classes of polymer CM, are optimized.

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    The error introduced by varyingl b/H to the shear strength measured by the method of bending a grooved beam is estimated; on a carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic sample, the error is found to be greater, the thicker the reinforced plastic and the smallerl b/H.

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Translated from Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov, No. 4, pp. 723–728, July–August, 1985.

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Mikhailov, V.V., Gunyaev, G.M., Ivanova, L.A. et al. Evaluation of interlayer shear strength. Mech Compos Mater 21, 511–515 (1986). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00610904

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