Optical and Quantum Electronics

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Ion aging effects on the dissociative-attachment instability in CO2 lasers

  • R. E. BeverlyIII


Onset of the dissociative-attachment instability requires that the rate coefficient for electron detachment (kd) from negative ions be below a critical value. The predominant negative and positive ions in a CO2∶N2∶He gas-discharge plasma are known to change with time. As secondary by-products form and the predominant negative-ion species changes from CO 3 to NO 2 , a decrease inkd occurs destabilizing the discharge. Since NO 2 and NO 3 are largely unreactive with respect to associative detachment,kd depends in a sensitive fashion on the concentration of certain minority negative ions (O, O 2 ) and neutrals (CO, O, N). The sufficient conditions for the dissociative-attachment instability are much less sensitive to changes in the electron-ion and ion-ion recombination rate coefficients resulting from the ion aging process.


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