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Low-frequency internal friction in complex composite strands

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A method was proposed which makes it possible to study the low-frequency internal friction of complex fibers. This method was used to study the internal friction of complex composite fibers based on PCA and PE. We observed a relaxation process which is typical of the composite and is absent in the pure materials.

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Translated from Mekhanika Kompozitnykh Materialov, No. 1, pp. 11–15, January–February, 1989.

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Nosov, M.P., Smirnova, V.A., Zabashta, Y.F. et al. Low-frequency internal friction in complex composite strands. Mech Compos Mater 25, 8–12 (1989).

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  • Relaxation Process
  • Internal Friction
  • Composite Fiber
  • Pure Material
  • Complex Fiber