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Gastric emptying and absorption of acetylsalicylic acid administered as enteric-coated micro-granules


Enteric-coated and uncoated microgranules of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), labelled with51Cr, were administered orally to six healthy male volunteers in a cross-over study. Gastric emptying was studied using a profile scanning radiation technique. Absorption of ASA was followed by measuring the plasma concentration of salicylate. Gastric emptying both of uncoated and enteric-coated granules varied considerably between individuals, but in most cases was gradual and extended over a period of several hours. The median time until 50% and 90% were emptied from the stomach was 1 and 3–3.5 h, respectively, for both the uncoated and enteric-coated granules. The absorption of ASA from the uncoated granules occurred in parallel with the gastric emptying. However, with the enteric-coated granules, absorption was delayed for about 3 h after gastric emptying. It was concluded that the slow absorption of ASA from enteric-coated granules could be explained partly by gradual gastric emptying and partly by slow dissolution of the ASA granules in the intestine.

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Key words

  • acetylsalicylic acid
  • aspirin
  • enteric-coating
  • absorption
  • gastric emptying
  • 51Cr labelling
  • gastric scanning