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Investigation of the products of the ozonolysis of larixol

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On the ozonization of larixol in methanol followed by treatment with ammonium chloride, the main reaction products were 15,16,20-trisnorlabd-6-ene-8,13-dione and 6-hydroxy-8,13;8,14-diepoxy-15,20-bisnorlabd-14-one. When ozonization was performed in methanol in the presence of dimethyl sulfide or in methylene chloride in the presence of pyridine, 6,14-dihydroxy-8,13;8,14-diepoxy-15,20-bisnorlabdane and 6-hydroxy-14,50,20-trisnorlabd-8,13-dione predominated in the reaction products.

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Institute of Chemistry of the MSSR Academy of Sciences, Kishinev, and Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Bashkir Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Ufa. Translated from Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii, No. 5, pp. 577–584, September–October, 1986.

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