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Arachidonic acid metabolism in human skin fibroblast cultures

Arachidonsäurestoffwechsel in menschlichen Hautfibroblasten-Kulturen

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Our ongoing study shows that HSF cultures can be used as an in vitro model for AA metabolism studies. The incubation medium however has to be standardised in order to obtain comparable results. The addition of albumin to the medium is necessary for dissolution of different agents like ionophore, indomethacin or others and does not change the AA metabolism. Differences between different cell lines of healthy donors are under investigation but seem to be of minor importance when the skin biopsie is taken from the same place, whereas greater differences were observed between HSF cultured from arm or foreskin biopsies. Finally it could be proved that the cyclooxygenase pathway is more important than that of the lipoxygenase and that 11-HETE derives from the cyclooxygenase and not from the lipoxygenase activity. The main lipoxygenase product is 15-HETE.

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  • Arachidonic Acid
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