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A comparison of the body composition estimated by densitometry and total body potassium measurement in trained and untrained subjects


For the study of the body composition in vivo many methods are available. Two more elaborate methods are densitometry and K-40 measurement. During a period of training changes in body composition occur, viz. a decrease in the fatmass (FM) and an increase in the fatfree mass (FFM). The body composition (FM and FFM) of 15 trained and 20 untrained subjects was investigated applying the two above mentioned methods.

The body composition estimated from body density differs clearly from the body composition estimated from body potassium measurement in trained as well as in untrained subjects.

One of the explanations for this discrepancy could be, that between individuals the K-content of the FFM varies greately. One of the factors causing a difference in the K-content of the FFM could be the training level; in the trained subjects a mean value of 69.0 mEq per kg FFM and in the untrained subjects of 61.6 mEq per kg FFM could be calculated.

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