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Effects of sucrose solution on the longitudinal tissue resistivity of trabecular muscle from mammalian heart


Trabecular muscle bundles from sheep and calf hearts were exposed to isosmotic sucrose solution in a single sucrose gap arrangement. Inside longitudinal specific resistanceR i , calculated from recordings of the inside and outside action potentials across the gap and the total longitudinal resistance in the mid-interpolar region, increase tenfold from an initial value of 463 Ω cm during 4 h of sucrose perfusion. Upon re-perfusion with Tyrode for 8–10 hR i decreased to 1000 Ω cm. The marked increase ofR i was prevented by addition of 10−4 M CaCl2 to the sucrose solution. The inside and outside action potentials across the gap became distorted whenR i reached high values.

Longitudinal distribution of sodium and potassium in a number of trabeculae was determined with activation analysis. These experiments revealed considerable mixing between sodium and sucrose near the sucrose-Tyrode junction. The longitudinal distribution of potassium suggests that loss of ions from the cells cannot account for the increase ofR i .

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