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Ionic dependence of electrical activity in small mesenteric arteries of guinea-pigs

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The regulation of blood vessel diameter is under the control of the autonomic nervous system (as well as hormones and metabolites), sympathetic nerve stimulation evoking depolarizing post-synaptic potentials. Excitatory junction potentials (EJPs) were recorded from vascular smooth muscle cells of guinea-pig small mesenteric arteries (pressurized) following nerve stimulation. Repetitive stimulation (>5Hz) led to summation of EJPs, which evoked spikes and vasoconstriction. Replacing extracellular Na+ with choline (plus atropine) resulted in a decrease in EJP amplitude, but spike amplitude and maximum rate of rise (+Vmax) were unaffected. Decreasing the extracellular Ca2+ concentration produced decreases in EJP amplitude and spike +Vmax, while increasing extracellular Ca2+ resulted in increased EJP amplitude and spike +Vmax. Verapamil and bepridil, agents that depress Ca2+ influx in vascular and visceral smooth muscle, depolarized the membrane and depressed EJPs and spikes at high concentrations (10−5 M and 5×10−6 M, respectively). The data indicate that EJPs are dependent on external Na+ and Ca2+ ions, and that spikes are dependent on Ca2+. Thus, neuromuscular transmission in this muscle is similar to that in non-vascular smooth muscles, such as intestinal muscle and vas deferens.

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Correspondence to Nick Sperelakis.

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Part of this work has been presented to the Biophysical Society (Zelcer and Sperelakis 1980) and to the American Physiological Society (Zelcer and Sperelakis 1981)

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Key words

  • Vascular smooth muscle
  • Junction potentials
  • Action potentials
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Verapamil