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Microperfusion study of the kinetics of reabsorption of cycloleucine in early and late segments of the proximal convolution of the rat nephron


The proximal tubular reabsorptive capacity for the non-metabolizable amino acid, cycloleucine, was studied in the rat nephron by stationary microperfusion. Tubular reabsorptive rates were greatest near the glomerulus and declined progressively along the convolution. A kinetic analysis of cycloleucine reabsorption in terms of luminal concentration revealed that this reduced transport rate was associated with an increase in the half-saturation constant of the kinetic curve, rather than a decrease in the maximum transport capacity. Since our previous findings with the metabolizable amino acid,l-histidine, were identical we can conclude that this decline in reabsorption of neutral amino acids as a function of distance along the convolution is an intrinsic property of the transport system and is not related to tubule cell amino acid metabolism.

The transport curves for cycloleucine absorption did not give a simple Michaelis-Menten relation but rather followed a course suggesting that more than one transport system might be involved.

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Preliminary reports of this work have already been published [10, 12]. The project was supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, The Australian Kidney Foundation, and the Post-Graduate Medical Foundation of the University of Sydney. One of us (J.M.L.) was the recipient of an Australian Government Post-Graduate Studentship.

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Lingard, J.M., Györy, A.Z. & Young, J.A. Microperfusion study of the kinetics of reabsorption of cycloleucine in early and late segments of the proximal convolution of the rat nephron. Pflugers Arch. 357, 51–61 (1975).

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