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Genetic evidence for ribosomal antisuppressors inPodospora anserina

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Antisuppressors were screened for with the help of informational suppressors inPodospora anserina. Four mutations in the AS1 locus and two in the AS2 locus were isolated, using allele non specific suppressors supposed to be ribosomal ambiguity mutations. Four mutations in the AS3 locus and 45 in the AS4 locus were obtained, using a nonsense (tRNA like) suppressor. All antisuppressors are partially dominant. Most mutations in the AS4 locus are lethal. The four mutants at the AS3 locus and 6 out of the 8 viable mutants at the AS4 locus are cold sensitive. Phenotypic properties and action spectra of the antisuppressors suggest that they are restrictive ribosomal mutations.

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