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The location and distribution of type A and type B atrial endings in cats


In the attempt to explain the difference in discharge pattern of atrial endings, 131 endings were localized by punctate stimulation, 44 were type A, 77 type B and 10 of an intermediate type. All were located on the dorsal wall of the atria with none on the ventral wall or in the appendage. On the right side, 74% of type A were located in the atria and 63% of type B in or near the veins. On the left side, 67% of type A and 94% of type B were located in or near the veins. Thus, there appeared to be some difference in the location of type A and type B endings on the right side, but on the left side both types of endings were for the most part confined to the venous region. Further, on both right and left sides, these endings were present both in the central part of the atria and in or adjacent to veins. This leads to the suggestion that the difference in discharge patterns is not caused by the location but may be due to some other reasons, e. g. difference of arrangement in the atrial wall with respect to the contractile elements.

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