Chemistry of Natural Compounds

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The structure of drupanol — A new phenol from Psoralea drupaceae

  • L. A. Golovina
  • G. K. Nikonov


A new phenol C18H24O which has been given the name drupanol has been isolated from the fruit ofPsoralea drupaceae. On the basis of the NMR and IR spectra of the substance itself and its acetate and the hexahydro derivative of the acetate it has been established that drupanol is 4-(3,6-dimethyl-1-methylene-3-vinylhept-5-enyl)phenol.


Acetic Anhydride Phenolic Hydroxyl Psoralen Olefinic Proton Oily Product 


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  • L. A. Golovina
  • G. K. Nikonov

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