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Studies on the nervous system ofPolystoma integerrimum as revealed by acetylthiocholine activity

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The nervous system ofPolystoma integerrimum was studied histochemically using acetylthiocholine iodide as a substrate. The nervous system consists of two cerebral ganglia which are connected by a transverse commissure. These ganglia give off five pairs of nerves anteriorly and four pairs posteriorly. The anterior nerves contribute to the formation of the circum-oral ring located near the anterior sucker. The posterior nerves, after their fusion anterior to the haptor, contribute to the innervation of suckers and hamuli. Histological techniques including haematoxylin-eosin and AF techniques were employed. At least two types of nerve cells, the small and the large ones, were observed. The large cells show secretory properties and were observed in different parts of the nervous system.

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