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An early effect of aflatoxin B1 administered in vivo on the growth of bone marrow CFU-GM and the production of some cytokines in rats

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Our data demonstrate the granulopoietic toxicity of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1)in vivo and show an impact of this mycotoxin on the production of some humoral regulatory factors dealing with the granulopoietic developmental pathway (CSA, IL-1, IL-2). The dose of AFB1 studied represented approximately 1/5 of LD50 for young male rats. An early suppressive effect of AFB1 towards CFU-GM was transient in treated animals. The peak in granulopoietic activity was preceded in time by an increased CSA and IL-1 formation. Elevated IL-2 synthesis and increased T cell activation paralleled the peak in granulopoietic activity.

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AFB1 :

Aflatoxin B1


granulocyte-monocyte colony-forming unit


colony-stimulating activity


colony-stimulating factor


granulocyte-monocyte CSF


granulocyte CSF


monocyte CSF


Interleukin 1–6


tumour necrosis factor




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