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  • 43. Tagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gerichtliche und Soziale Medizin in Zürich vom 14.–17. Oktober 1964
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Adrenalin- und Noradrenalinwerte im Blut bei gewaltsamen Todesursachen

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Report on the adrenaline- and nor adrenaline-concentrations (THI-method) in the post-mortem blood of 21 cases with various violent and natural causes of death. The post-mortem time of determination seems to have no important influence on the results; probably there is no remarcable decomposition of catecholamines in the dead body within 2–3 days. In cases of rapid death by coronary insufficience the catecholamine-levels were lower than in cases with morphologically developed heart infarction. Also, the noradrenaline-concentration in many cases was found higher than the adrenaline-level.

In cases of violent asphyxia often the catecholamine concentration was increased more than 100 times, and the noradrenaline-level, according toLund, was found lower than the adrenaline-concentration.

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