Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 444–450 | Cite as

Sterol sulfates from the Far Eastern holothurianCucumaria japonica

  • S. G. Batrakov
  • V. B. Muratov
  • O. G. Sakandelidze
  • O. S. Reshetova
  • B. V. Rozynov


A chloroform-methanol extract of the musculocutaneous sac of the Far-Eastern holothurianC. japonica has yielded a fraction of sterol sulfates (13% of the weight of the extract, 0.8% of the weight of the dry biomass), the main components of which were derivatives of cholest-5-en-3β-ol, 24-methylene-, 24-ethyl-, and 24-ethylidenecholest-5-en-3β-ols, 5α-cholestan-3β-ol, and 24-methyl- and 24-methylene-5α-cholesten-3β-ol; among the minor components were found the sulfates of 24-ethyl-5α-cholestan-3β-ol of cholesta-5,22-dien-3β-ol, of a Δ5-C30 sterol, and also of dienic and trienic C26 sterols.


AcOH Steroid Nucleus Cholesterol Sulfate Stigmastanol Sterol Acetate 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. G. Batrakov
  • V. B. Muratov
  • O. G. Sakandelidze
  • O. S. Reshetova
  • B. V. Rozynov

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